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If You Lived Here, I'd Know Your Name: News from Small-Town Alaska - Heather Lende

I wanted to like this book. As I read it, though, the word that overwhelmed everything else was smug. "We're better than everyone else, because we live far, far away from medical care. We're better than everyone else, because we all take care of each other."

Fine, except that the actual stories she tells belie the smug attitude. Ugly chauvinistic treatment of the girls at the high school, apparently not considered a problem by many of the adults in the community. Rampant homophobia, including an anonymous hate letter sent to her after she supported a workshop about homophobia, sent by someone who, she said, clearly knew their family. Huge medical bills incurred because a child's ruptured appendix couldn't be handled there and the child had to be airlifted elsewhere. And how easy would it have been for the child to die? There's quite a bit of talk about how they frequently can't get out by ferry or plane, so what happens in a medical emergency then? That doesn't matter though, because the town held a fundraiser to help with the expenses.

I don't think this would have been so annoying if she had stuck to "I like it here despite the problems." Instead, though, it was this attitude that people who lived there were somehow better than everyone else despite the anecdotes which clearly disproved the attitude. Reminded me way too much of Sarah Palin.