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Lord Peter Views the Body
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Bill Bryson
Final Witness - I picked this book up because I was intrigued by the idea of reading a legal thriller by J.R.R. Tolkien's grandson. This wound up being a one night read - it's a smoothly flowing book, but I also really wanted to see how it would be resolved - so I stayed up much too late to finish it.

You know from the beginning who seems to be the villain, since she's on trial. And it looks as if she did it, but it also looks as if she may get acquitted. So, the whole time I was reading this, I kept asking, "Is this too obvious? Who's lying here? Maybe it was someone else? If she did do it, is she going to get off? And how are the family dynamics going to be resolved?" (yes, I know, that's a LOT of talking to myself while I'm also trying to read).

I enjoyed it. Not a profound book, but an enjoyable night's reading.