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The Boys of October - Doug Hornig I had so much fun reading this book. The author clearly loves baseball and the 75 Red Sox, and his description of the Series is from a true Red Sox fan's perspective (complete with the constant question "so how are they going to blow it this time?") A fan, but with the advantage of having been able to arrange interviews with so many members of the team, years later, to get their perspectives.

As much as I enjoyed the memories that the book brought back, of all the weird and wonderful events of the Series, it was just as interesting to find out what happened to the players in the years since then.

I lived in Boston then, and the memory of the 6th game of the Series is still strong - when Fisk hit the home run to win, we all threw open our apartment windows and screamed like it was New Years Eve - you could hear car horns honking all over the city. I don't believe I've ever been that excited about a sports event, before or since.