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All the Money in the World: What the Happiest People Know About Getting and Spending - Laura Vanderkam The book wasn't bad - I like the idea of spending your money in the way that makes YOU happy, rather than the way that "they" think you should spend your money.

The problem is that after setting this as the basic premise, the author then appeared to take the position that you should spend your money in the way that makes HER happy. For instance, you shouldn't buy expensive cars, because that won't make you happy, but instead save the money for lots of flowers and lattes from Starbucks. Well, I'm not a "car person" either, but I do know people who are, and having the car of their dreams gives them a feeling of happiness every time they drive it. So, who is she to say that they should save that money for "date nights" or for daily Starbucks visits or bringing home flowers?

Along those lines, she really seems to be opposed to anyone retiring, apparently espousing the theory that everyone will be much happier working than playing golf. Well, some people do other things than playing golf when they retire, some people are very happy having a recreational life, perhaps including golf, and some people do not have fulfilling, satisfying, non-physically demanding jobs. Again, the author seems to be confusing what makes her happy and satisfied with universal truth.