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Take the U out of Clutter - Mark Brunetz, Carmen Renee Berry While this was interesting, I didn't find it all that helpful. It's an interesting perspective - that all of the clutter is because of one's emotional/psychological "stories" and that once you clear that up, you'll be able to deal with the clutter with no problem - but I had trouble buying it.

Sure, some of this is true, like the difficulty in dumping something that was a gift, even if you don't like/need/want it. That's a problem with emotions, not with practical reality.

But, you know, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. There's a pile of stuff on the kitchen counter to be sorted and pitched/recycled/filed/dealt with - and that's not because of psychological issues about mail. It's because it's boring and I'd rather spend my time doing something else. Sure, it's got to get done, but I don't really have to work through emotional stories to do it - I just have to do it.

The authors also seemed to miss the point that some of the clutter and having "too much" of something isn't because there are deep emotional/psychological issues involved. Sometimes, you just see it, love it, and haven't had time to follow through on your idea for it yet (I'm thinking in particular of craft type supplies here). I guess you could get into deep psychological issues, but maybe it's just a question of not having the time to follow through right now, and not having an effective way of storing the things until you do have the time.

Interesting, but too long on pop psychology and too short on practical solutions.