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Bill Bryson
Ready Player One - Ernest Cline I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It may not be profound, although it did get me thinking about what is reality, and what happens in a society where a virtual world is a better place to be than the "real" world. But, mainly, I just enjoyed it tremendously - it was a good story, with lots of action, heroes and villains, characters to like, no moral ambiguity.

In some respects, it reminded me of the very first Star Wars movie - when I went to its opening night in 1977,everyone in the crowd loudly cheered and booed and marvelled at the special effects. We didn't have to think deep thoughts or worry about motivations - we could enjoy the action, root for our heroes, and have a really good time. And, since it's science fiction, you don't have to sit there thinking, "oh, that could never happen" - actually, most everything in the book seemed a reasonably logical extension of current reality - i.e., science fiction, rather than fantasy.