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A Reliable Wife - Robert Goolrick From the very beginning, this book seemed like something that was being written for a writing class or group - way too "overwritten," elaborate descriptions, apparently trying to set the mood - I didn't think it worked, it was just boring.

Once we got into the actual story, there were just too many times when I said, "now, wait a minute, how can that be?" I'm willing to do a certain amount of the "willing suspension of disbelief," but this book wasn't supposed to be fantasy! The author needed to give some thought to details that he put in for effect, but that didn't seem realistic at all.

I'm not sure that I would have finished the book had I not been reading it for a book group. I really didn't care what happened to any of the characters, and I really didn't believe that the ending would flow naturally from the events of the book - it was going to be whatever the author wanted it to be.