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Cowboys Full: The Story of Poker - James McManus This was a book I won through the GR giveaway, and which I am WAY late in rviewing. The problem is that I found it almost unreadable - tried once or twice, kept putting it aside, hoping that it would be better if I were in a different mood. I finally decided that I had to give it my best shot, and either read it or mark it abandoned.

I got through about 80 pages, and just couldn't find anything to enjoy. It seemed like one big data dump, with the author just spitting out everything he had ever learned about card games and gambling, and not in a particularly interesting or amusing way. If it were a shorter book, I might have kept on - but the thought of reading another 500+ pages was unbearable.

In fairness, I know some of the reviews said that after the first few chapters the book was better, but there's only so much time and effort I'm going to give a book that is just work to read.

On the other hand, my husband said he thought it sounded interesting, so I've passed it along to him.